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Peer-Reviewed University Working Paper Series

Galvin R, Madlener R (2014) Determinants of Commuter Trends and Implications for Indirect Rebound Effects: A Case Study of Germany's Largest Federal State of NRW, 1994-2013 (September 1, 2014). Institute for Future Energy Consumer Needs and Behavior (FCN) Working Paper No. 9/2014.

Galvin R (2010) ‘Environmental Policy Discourse and its Material Objects: Bridging the Gap with ‘Modest Realism,’ CSERGE Working Paper 2011-2, University of East Anglia.

Galvin R (2009) Developing a critical model to evaluate the appropriateness of local body climate protection policies,’ CSERGE Working Paper EDM-2009-09, University of East Anglia.   


Galvin R (2009) ‘Modifying Actor-network theory to analyse the German project of photovoltaic energy generation,’ CSERGE Working Paper EDM-2009-02, University of East Anglia. 


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