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Ray's underlying concern is how we can save energy and reduce climate-damaging greenhouse gas emissions without depriving poorer people of life’s basic necessities.

Dr Ray Galvin

Ray Galvin’s field of work is environmental science, with an interdisciplinary background in engineering, social sciences, policy studies, and more recently economics.

Ray’s research focuses on energy efficiency and renewable energy, particularly in buildings, transport and ICT.

He has recently been developing a new field of research on how we can reduce poverty while transitioning to low-carbon, climate-friendly economies.

His research brings together the influences of policy, technical design, consumer behaviour and social structure.

Ray does contract research and teaching for the University of Cambridge, UK and RWTH-Aachen University, Germany.

He also works as an expert evaluator for European Commission research projects.

Ray is an Associate Editor of the journal Energy Research and Social Science.


Fields of Activity

The transition to a clean energy future

  • How to pay for a just, sustainable energy transition

  • The role of renewable energy and how to phase it in

  • Overcoming political and corporate resistance to a clean energy future

Energy Policy

  • The Green New Deal in the US

  • German, UK and EU-wide policy on energy and climate change

  • The European Green Deal and how it could be implemented

Energy and Buildings

  • Technical, economic and behavioural issues in reducing energy consumption in buildings

  • Rebound and prebound effects in home heating

  • German thermal retrofit policy

  • Photovoltaics and renewable energy

Transport and Energy

  • Energy consumption in cars, SUVs and trucks

  • The US auto-industry and its political power

  • Commuter travel

  • Rebound effects and economic determinants of personal travel

Social Theory

  • Why we need social theory to understand energy transitions 

  • Power and influence, who wields it, and how to deal with it

  • Understanding money: what it is, and how to utilise it for a clean, just future

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